About Me

I believe in the power of crafting the body. My journey through fitness has introduced me to my passion for health and my love to help others achieve their fitness goals. I began weight lifting during college and found an immediate addiction, not just with the way my body changed week by week, but how empowering it felt to become a strong woman physically and mentally. I knew this was the lifestyle for me. When I became more fluent with the possibilities of the fitness industry, competitive bodybuilding caught my attention. I began my prep for my first figure competition in January of 2015. I had no coach and no mentor. I relied on what I learned about my body through my own experiences along with hours of dedicated research about the sport. In April of 2015, I stepped on stage for the very first time and walked away with a first place trophy and the most rewarding feeling of accomplishment I have ever felt in my entire life, not because of the trophy, but because by finishing this competition I proved to myself that I could do anything I set my mind to.

Currently, I have been finishing my Marketing degree from Columbia College Chicago while also working hard towards obtaining my personal training certification. I hope to help others find that same empowerment I feel along with improving their health and wellness. Using what I have learned about nutrition and training, I will commit myself to helping my clients not only craft their physical bodies but learn to love the process and strengthen themselves mentally as well. I also plan to compete again in the fall of 2015 and bring a stronger package to the stage

Every journey has a beginning and end, but it is the things in between that create your legacy.

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