Why I Compete

I ask myself that same question sometimes. When the diet is nothing but chicken and broccoli or when I’m up at 5 am dragging my sleepy, overworked, overtained body to the cardio machines and praying that the next hour of my life goes by quickly, the only thing going through my mind is what am I doing? I can stop this crazy nonsense at anytime! Go grab a donut, sleep in, skip the gym….

And yet here I am, every day.

I do it because I know deep down inside that I would be upset with myself if I did not finish. In my past life, I’ve quit a lot of times when things got tough and every time I quit I was filled with regret. Competing also gives me a goal, a set date in my head that I know I have to be ready for. Quitting for me is no longer an option. It doesn’t matter how sore my muscles are or how sick of chicken I get, for my own pride I cannot just quit.

Pain is nothing compared to what it feels like to quit.